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Car Detailing Costs – A Breakdown

Car valet vacuuming service

How much does car detailing cost? Typically, a car detailing service will cost around $150 to $200 for a basic service. But this range can move up or down depending on a few key factors, including the size of the car, chosen service features, and the package you choose. Today we break down the things that affect car detailing costs so that you can budget how much you need for your car cleaning.

Size of the Car

A primary determiner of price, the size of your vehicle will be the first thing assessed by any car cleaning company. Broken up into four vehicle size classes is standard procedure. For example:

Small Cars: These will be your small hatchbacks such as a Mazda Demio or Suzuki Swift.
Medium Cars: Small sedans and coupes such as the Mazda Axela, some models of Toyota Corolla, or the Kia Rio.
Large Cars: This will include your station wagons and smaller SUVs – Subaru Legacy or Mazda Atenza.
Extra Large Cars: The priciest option. This will be the vans, trucks, large SUVs, and other 4WD vehicles – Land Rover, Jeep, and Toyota Hilux.

This will determine the base level of your car detailing cost, so be aware that larger cars mean more cleaning needed.

Types of Detailing

When choosing your detailing service, you will need to choose between an external and internal clean:

Interior Detailing

Interior detailing will be involved with the most crucial parts of the inside of the car. This will include vacuuming dust out from the seats, dashboard, and driving components, which will enhance the air quality in your car. Any plastic or metal surfaces will typically be wiped down for a clean, shiny look and the interior windows will be cleaned of any accumulated grime or dirt.

Exterior Detailing

The base-level exterior cleaning is all about making the car look fresh and maintaining the paint’s longevity. Washing and drying of the exterior will remove any dirt and road grime that would otherwise fade or scratch the paint. The wheels are also cleaned, and the tyres are dressed. The exterior sides of the window are included to remove any mould or grease from your passenger or driver windows for superior visibility.

Common Extras

Along with these base-level packages, you can include some extras that will prioritise cleaning and dressing of parts of the car. Waxing and polishing, pet hair removal, UV surface protections, carpet and upholstery shampooing, deodorisation, and rubber cleaning can all be added to your car valet services for an extra cost.

Deluxe Packages

These extras can all be made part of a deluxe package that will cost more overall but deliver a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance service to nearly every surface on your car. By getting it done in a single package, you can sometimes save money overall.

Get Your Car Detailed with Select Valet

Invest in car detailing services with Select Valet today. We take the time to help your car reach its potential, both in looks and longevity. Our team of friendly professionals know the ins and outs of car detailing and will make sure you are happy with our service. Enquire today find out more.